Boxcar Press

Yesterday I had the incredible opportunity to visit and tour the Boxcar Press offices and shop for their open house with my friend Erica, who works there and Andy and Colin who both help me with my design stuff.

They are a great local press (literally less than a mile from my house – I walk and ride my bike by there all the time) who are dedicated to perfection and sustainability. I love that!

I am a huge type and print design nerd so I was perfectly over-joyed to be shoving mini cupcakes into my face and listening to the awesome machine sounds of printing presses and learning more about the company and process from Erica and other really excited and proud employees. I get all squishy inside when I think about people starting an independent businesses they are passionate about and finding great success.

Especially exciting and like, micro-local:  this is the press that will be making my business cards and “high fives” that will be coming soon…


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