I am from…

My friend Megan (you can find her HERE at her blog, or on Twitter) has been doing a “Getting to Know Me” series on her blog. I really admire her dedication to her online presence and her excellent writing so I thought I’d go right ahead and rip off one of her posts. She calls it the “I am from…” exercise. It is something they do in City Year, and we do similar things in NYPIRG. Actually, there are a lot of stuff from NYPIRG that I worked with and developed that Megan has shown me may have cross-platform potential. More on that later. Now…

The premise is simple. Basically you take five different categories and write down 4-6 lines that match up under that category. It doesn’t have to rhyme, it just has to be true for you. (I’m going to modify this a little to include product from Etsy, thereby rendering this blog post relevant. I high five myself here.)

I am from (sights, sounds and smells)

freshly cut hay

rolling hills

sustenance gardening


(home hatched chickens)


I am from (familiar foods)

home made popcorn in recycled paper grocery bags

pear tart

natural peanut butter from the food co-op (in one gallon buckets! what what!)

mint chocolate chip cookies

(hand picked berries)

I am from (familiar phrases)

In my family, this is all there is:

I am from (music from your childhood)

Laurie Anderson


Frank Zappa

(Talking Heads)


I am from (ancestors)

nowhere! (adopted)

(I just realized this was an entire post that was cat free, so I’m going to go ahead and plug some cats right hurr)

So, where are you from?


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