Big Boat Fix

I had a surprise day off yesterday after basically two weeks of working two jobs, so I went with Lief to help him put his boat in and hopefully begin my illustrious waterskiing career.

As with many wonderful plans, this was destined for failure. We got the boat all hooked up and realized that the floor was pretty rotten.  The following are some pictures of us tearing out said floor and replacing it. I say “us” although Lief brings all the real skill to the table. I would like to give myself some props for being the best damn ShopVac’r around, an excellent getter of things needed, and caller-outer of measurements. I am also not bad at marking for cuts.

I love Lief’s family and their house. They have a large family (4 kids!) and there is always something going on. They are a family of carpenters and athletes (check out Eli’s cool ski set up) with a pack of 4 dogs. Anyway, even though I didn’t go waterskiing I did get to spend the day out in the sun and had a good time.


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