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Garden Scapes

Even though it is a blistering 90 something degrees out with a 51% humidity and climbing, I decided to take my time before a lunch with friends to do a little GTL. Gardening, Tanning, Laundry. (You are welcome for the cultural appropriation!).

the garden.

I know my garden looks crazy, and well, it is. I’m not a great weeder, in that I don’t have tons of time for it (and I like the wild look!). But all of that crazy green foliage that looks like past-their-prime daffodils is actually garlic. The whole plot is over-run with it and it actually breaks my heart to carve out little sections for the basil, tomatoes, squash, kale, chard, radishes spinach and endive… but I do.

heirloom tomatoes. and garlic.

basil. and garlic.

heirloom radishes.

Spinach, and garlic.

I don’t have to work ’til 4:30 and it is THE MOMENT to harvest the first of my garlic scapes!

garlic scapes.

Now to be fair, I did not know about garlic scapes until the other day. I had a few friends over for a little back yard BBQ and enjoyment of the Lemon Ginger pasta I mentioned in the Funky Flea article. When the aforementioned beautiful and smart Hannah saw all the garlic in my garden, she flipped.

Apparently she had received some through her CSA last year and couldn’t get enough. They are to her what fiddleheads are to me. I couldn’t be more excited. I love garlic. I use garlic in EVERYTHING.

Also, I didn’t know you had to cut these off before the cloves would fully mature, so. Double win.

Perhaps I will make some Garlic Scape Pesto, or this delish looking pizza:

from Not Without Salt


Do you have any good garlic advice / recipes? I could really use them!


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Funky Flea!

While Syracuse doesn’t have a lot to offer, we do have a couple cool projects going on. One is the Near West Side Intiative (which brought you the “green architecture” post in conjunction with Syracuse University) and several public art initiatives, including the Public Arts Task Force. To be honest, I think a lot of what they do is a little misguided (I live in the near west side, so their art is my reality rather than some theoretical application) but they did sponsor this.

On Saturday, Syracuse held it’s first Funky Flea, modeled after Brooklyn Flea. We DO have a large, sprawling flea market every week but admittedly it doesn’t really have as much of a hipster vibe as this did!

I was happy to go down and support, as the beautiful and talented Mother Midnight team had a fabulous booth as well as my long time friend (and birthday sharer) Marty Butts with his endeavor Small Potatoes Sales & Marketing. I hate to get all sappy here, but I could not be more proud of Marty. PLEASE check out his bloggity blog. I will be linking to it on my blogroll too. I highly recommend the Flour City Pasta (seriously. yummy.) and my friend Hannah LOVED the wasabi pickles.

Mother Midnight was kind enough to let me park behind their booth (there wasn’t really anywhere to tie up your bike!) and they DID NOT SELL IT despite receiving offers. They were also kind enough to package my stuff up nicely while I was out wandering around.

I didn’t really get too much, a couple old pieces of framed art from the ReStore and some Flour City Pasta. But I really enjoyed walking around, meeting people and seeing what everyone had to offer.

I really loved the whole concept, using an abandoned piece of property in what is my favorite part of town to put on a hip little gathering. Can’t beat it. Next time they hold it my friend Aaron (who does print making and other graphic-y things) and I may do a joint booth, for unlimited coolness.

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Big Boat Fix

I had a surprise day off yesterday after basically two weeks of working two jobs, so I went with Lief to help him put his boat in and hopefully begin my illustrious waterskiing career.

As with many wonderful plans, this was destined for failure. We got the boat all hooked up and realized that the floor was pretty rotten.  The following are some pictures of us tearing out said floor and replacing it. I say “us” although Lief brings all the real skill to the table. I would like to give myself some props for being the best damn ShopVac’r around, an excellent getter of things needed, and caller-outer of measurements. I am also not bad at marking for cuts.

I love Lief’s family and their house. They have a large family (4 kids!) and there is always something going on. They are a family of carpenters and athletes (check out Eli’s cool ski set up) with a pack of 4 dogs. Anyway, even though I didn’t go waterskiing I did get to spend the day out in the sun and had a good time.

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I am from…

My friend Megan (you can find her HERE at her blog, or on Twitter) has been doing a “Getting to Know Me” series on her blog. I really admire her dedication to her online presence and her excellent writing so I thought I’d go right ahead and rip off one of her posts. She calls it the “I am from…” exercise. It is something they do in City Year, and we do similar things in NYPIRG. Actually, there are a lot of stuff from NYPIRG that I worked with and developed that Megan has shown me may have cross-platform potential. More on that later. Now…

The premise is simple. Basically you take five different categories and write down 4-6 lines that match up under that category. It doesn’t have to rhyme, it just has to be true for you. (I’m going to modify this a little to include product from Etsy, thereby rendering this blog post relevant. I high five myself here.)

I am from (sights, sounds and smells)

freshly cut hay

rolling hills

sustenance gardening


(home hatched chickens)


I am from (familiar foods)

home made popcorn in recycled paper grocery bags

pear tart

natural peanut butter from the food co-op (in one gallon buckets! what what!)

mint chocolate chip cookies

(hand picked berries)

I am from (familiar phrases)

In my family, this is all there is:

I am from (music from your childhood)

Laurie Anderson


Frank Zappa

(Talking Heads)


I am from (ancestors)

nowhere! (adopted)

(I just realized this was an entire post that was cat free, so I’m going to go ahead and plug some cats right hurr)

So, where are you from?

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Oh hey.

Since my great unveiling (yesterday, where I showed you pictures of me and my cat), my wonderful boyfriend who is also my designer sent me this new blog header! What do you think?

Also, I found this old picture of us on my computer! We are so handsome.



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Boxcar Press

Yesterday I had the incredible opportunity to visit and tour the Boxcar Press offices and shop for their open house with my friend Erica, who works there and Andy and Colin who both help me with my design stuff.

They are a great local press (literally less than a mile from my house – I walk and ride my bike by there all the time) who are dedicated to perfection and sustainability. I love that!

I am a huge type and print design nerd so I was perfectly over-joyed to be shoving mini cupcakes into my face and listening to the awesome machine sounds of printing presses and learning more about the company and process from Erica and other really excited and proud employees. I get all squishy inside when I think about people starting an independent businesses they are passionate about and finding great success.

Especially exciting and like, micro-local:  this is the press that will be making my business cards and “high fives” that will be coming soon…

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