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Green Architecture on the West Side

The other day my friend Tim and I decided to take a walk through the West Side, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

The West Side is a low-income area but there has been some development in partnership with Syracuse University. However, the area is viewed as unsafe so it is not an area that is leisurely walked through.

We inadvertently stumbled upon these really cool houses:

I only had my cell phone, and not my camera so I only got these two shots.

You can read more about the projects here.

Another reason to get up, right now, and talk a walk outside your comfort zone!

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2011 Grammy’s

Here are a few of my favorite looks from the 2011 Grammy Awards. Sorry that all I’ve posted in the last few days is boring award show looks (although don’t we love how inventive some of the music awards shows get, in terms of fashion??) but Colin gave me a wonderful cold and all I’ve been doing is laying on the couch reading lady blogs.

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2011 BAFTAS Awards Night

I stumbled across these pictures of Julianne Moore today from the 2011 BAFTAS. I love this glamorous look she has going on. And I hate to admit I am sort of loving this velvet trend. (Never. Thought. I. Would. Say. It.)

There were lots of other great dresses (most notably Emma Watson who looks absolutely phenomenal with her pixie cut – more on that later when I flesh out my hours of searching through vintage hairstyle blogs).

Check out the pictures here.

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Oh hey.

Since my great unveiling (yesterday, where I showed you pictures of me and my cat), my wonderful boyfriend who is also my designer sent me this new blog header! What do you think?

Also, I found this old picture of us on my computer! We are so handsome.



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Dior, I desire you.

*John Galliano’s Christian Dior haute couture collection. Fucking gorgeous.*

That yellow one? If I ever get married, you had better believe my dress going to look an awful lot like that, but probably a nice pewter grey.

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I’ve been thinking about what drives my personal aesthetic. I took these pictures at my parents house over christmas. I LOVE this room, it’s my father’s “den” which is kind of his personal work space. I grew up in a smaller, less nice house but a constant was always a built in book case and an eccelctic mix of antiques, modern electronics/stereo equipment and art.

Both of my parents are artists (father a designer and mother a painter) so they are not afraid of bold colors and interesting choices. And I applaud that.

I think it’s funny that even the picture on his giant monitor is vintage! (What would I do for those jeans!). The black and white picture is my father in the 70’s with his dog Flirt. The other group of photos, the charming girl on the far right with the streamers… that’s meeee!!!!

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Boxcar Press

Yesterday I had the incredible opportunity to visit and tour the Boxcar Press offices and shop for their open house with my friend Erica, who works there and Andy and Colin who both help me with my design stuff.

They are a great local press (literally less than a mile from my house – I walk and ride my bike by there all the time) who are dedicated to perfection and sustainability. I love that!

I am a huge type and print design nerd so I was perfectly over-joyed to be shoving mini cupcakes into my face and listening to the awesome machine sounds of printing presses and learning more about the company and process from Erica and other really excited and proud employees. I get all squishy inside when I think about people starting an independent businesses they are passionate about and finding great success.

Especially exciting and like, micro-local:  this is the press that will be making my business cards and “high fives” that will be coming soon…

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Sweet Scores

well hello!

Another big week here at Wandering I. Colin busted out a surprise logo, which you can see above. It is still in progress a little but what do you think so far??

In other news, it is still snowing. Lief and I got pretty drunk the other night and took a sweet snow walk, that entailed a lot of karate moves that ended with us buried in snow banks.

A note on jeeps: Owning a jeep means never having to dig your car out, but doing it anyway out of respect.

On Wednesday, I drove out to Cazenovia, NY where this great vintage store called Yesterday Market and Boutique is going out of business. I actually know the couple that owns it, as I went to high school with their daughter. I went out to purchase a mannequin for the shop and got pretty caught up in the merchandise. They have been buying for years and have absolutely gorgeous stuff. They clearly have a passion for collecting but they haven’t been able to dedicate the time to keep the shop open (she is a teacher at the local high school).

I’m telling you all this because EVERYTHING in their store is at least half off. They are offering special discounts to other sellers that mention me and for bulk buys. They are also selling their fixtures, including several dress forms, mannequins and display cases.

If you are going out to visit them, call first. They have a lot of high-end pieces (including tons of designer stuff) but a lot of it is in storage and they will get specific stuff out for you if they have some warning.

Even if you are not a seller, but are a local vintage enthusiast, definitely try and make it out. Give them a call if you can’t make it for the posted hours, as they may be able to open for you with an appointment, which is what I had to do. Here are the deets:

Yesterday Market and Boutique
Nelson Corners on Rt. 20, Nelson NY
Big Closing Sale
50% off all inventory
open thru Dec. 26
Fri 10-5; Sat 10-6; Sun 12-5
Period Antiques, Oil Paintings/Prints
Vintage Designer Apparel and Accessories

Anyway, I purchased a mannequin. I also went to Books and Memories to find some stuff to donate to the Sushi Blues 4th Annual Bentley Memorial Auction that benefits the SPCA. I donated last year, but this year I’m donating as Wandering I Vintage.

I found two sets of cards. The first is a set of 3 Kitten Christmas Cards. The second is  a set of Vaguely Inappropriate Cards for All Occasions.

Alright. I am off to take a ton of pictures and hopefully get a few things listed today. Look for a bunch of new listings over the next few days. If you don’t see them, please assume I’ve died from exhaustion.

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