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Taste of Spain

Okay. I made a beautiful dinner last weekend, and took some pictures of the prep was but a little nervous and forgot to take pictures of the finished product! I am not a great blogger. But I try.

The Menu.

Pork Tenderloin with a Smoky Paprika Glaze*

(adapted from Bon Appetit, June 2010)

* The original recipe is for Grilled Ship and Sausage skewers with fresh tomatoes. I have used this as both a glaze and a marinade several times, both on and off the grill. It is so delish on shrimp, talapia, and pork. It’s crazy easy to make and the smokey paprika is a unique flavor that makes you seem very fancy.

fresh garlic from the garden.

fresh basil from the garden.

sun-dried tomatoes

3/4 cup olive oil

4 lg garlic cloves, pressed

2 tablespoons fresh basil

5 tablespoons smoked paprika

4 teaspoons red wine vinegar

3/4 teaspoons salt

1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

1/2 teaspoon dried chili peper

1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes, chopped

Combine all of these in a bowl. I recommend letting it sit for a while so all the flavors can get to know each other.

I suggest separating a small bit out for later, to baste with or to dip bread into. I like to serve with some extra sauce over it to optimize the plate mopping later.

flavor party.

tenderloin marinating.

As a side, I used this great recipe from Beth over at Salvage Life for sauteed zucchini with lemon and feta cheese. It is a great compliment to the smokey pork flavors!

Serve it all with a side of fresh crusty bread (mine procured from local bakery Pasta’s Daily Bread) and you just made a deceptively easy and delicious meal.

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Spring Cleaning: Home Office Edition

Wow. My living room post had the most hits EVER. I underestimated the power of voyeurism!

Anyway, I’ve been working on the whole house, organizing, moving, painting. I thought I would post a little bit more (and yes, my whole apartment has that terrible carpet in it. le sigh).

This room would be the dining room, I use it as my office. It has been organized many different ways but I am pretty happy with the way it is now. In order to fully appreciate it, you should imagine cats sleeping everywhere and NPR streaming on the iMac.

The desk, and Loretta

That clock is one of my favorite things...

Sneak peek at our yellow kitchen...

"Jesus Saves from Hell"

orchid pedastal

"Is Very Good Vodka"

I’m wondering what everyone else’s office looks like!

What do you like best about mine?


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New Living Room!

I have spent my last few days off fixing up my living room, and I’m pretty proud of it!

I painted the walls “fiddle head fern” green, re-arranged everything and finally got it together to hang stuff with purpose (rather than wherever there was a nail). Hope you like it!

The old leather suitcases were actually my great grandfather’s and have his initials on them. I am using them to house MOST of our VHS collection. The coffee table is something Lief made.

I wish we had a nicer couch, but this one is super comfortable and was free. I’m gonna keep my eye out for some nice white vintage curtains but I love the way the current ones filter the light, so maybe they’ll stay!

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Big Boat Fix

I had a surprise day off yesterday after basically two weeks of working two jobs, so I went with Lief to help him put his boat in and hopefully begin my illustrious waterskiing career.

As with many wonderful plans, this was destined for failure. We got the boat all hooked up and realized that the floor was pretty rotten.  The following are some pictures of us tearing out said floor and replacing it. I say “us” although Lief brings all the real skill to the table. I would like to give myself some props for being the best damn ShopVac’r around, an excellent getter of things needed, and caller-outer of measurements. I am also not bad at marking for cuts.

I love Lief’s family and their house. They have a large family (4 kids!) and there is always something going on. They are a family of carpenters and athletes (check out Eli’s cool ski set up) with a pack of 4 dogs. Anyway, even though I didn’t go waterskiing I did get to spend the day out in the sun and had a good time.

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Going Green

On the Radio.

I listen to NPR sort of compulsively. It is tuned in on my clock radio, and plays quietly throughout the day and during naps. This morning I woke up to Prime Time, which is actually an AARP show. It is always awesome. This is what I heard upon waking up:

Since 1907… every bit of plastic that has ever been produced is somewhere on our planet, either in our atmosphere through incineration, in landfills if its been buried or if it has been disposed of irresponsibly or by mistake it ends up in our oceans or ends up in our natural environments. So every bit of plastic that has ever been produced is somewhere out there. Plastic lasts forever, we use it for a very short period of time, so it’s no suprise that these fingerprints are turning up all over our natural environments.

These are things you know. Right? We know that plastic doesn’t go away. But the idea that EVERY PIECE SINCE 1907 is still here is shocking.

(god, that image search was super depressing. “plastic trash island.”)

These gyres are the unseen consequences of our disposable culture.

Consumerism necessarily distances the consumer from the consequences of their consumption, and stewardship has been lost in our culture. I encourage you to look beyond the hipster esthetic associated with Etsy and thrifting and think about the environmental impact. Challenge yourself to use more vintage, second hand and re-purposed goods. If you are like me, you will find satisfaction in looking around your house and realizing that not only have you minimized your waste, but that you have created a beautiful and eclectic space filled with one of a kind items.

Here is some inspiration to get you started:

Wood Serving Bowl from HannahBellaMemories

Heart Measuring Spoons by BeehiveKitchenware

Seven Deadly Sins by trixiedelicous

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Happy Mother’s Day!

A lot of the wonderful women I have met through this Wandering I Vintage experience are Mama’s… So happy mother’s day to you ladies!

I am not a mama, but I’ve got one. Happy Mother’s Day, mom!

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Green Architecture on the West Side

The other day my friend Tim and I decided to take a walk through the West Side, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

The West Side is a low-income area but there has been some development in partnership with Syracuse University. However, the area is viewed as unsafe so it is not an area that is leisurely walked through.

We inadvertently stumbled upon these really cool houses:

I only had my cell phone, and not my camera so I only got these two shots.

You can read more about the projects here.

Another reason to get up, right now, and talk a walk outside your comfort zone!

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More vintage Liz!

My mom’s best friend (and my Godmother) is turning 60, so mom has been scanning all these old photographs of their friendship through the ages.

She just forwarded these to me:

My very first pedicure.

Me, circa 1987.

aaah isn’t it good to know my hair, through all of the stupid colors, mohawks, shaved heads, dreadlocks… it all ended up here. At this.

I would like to say this is bedhead, but this is generally what my hair looks like. Althought I did just get out of bed.

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Easter Post!

As mentioned before, my parents have TONS of vintage and antique stuff.

For Easter, my mom made a really cool vintage table setting. Here are some pictures!

Check out these awesome linen embroidered napkins!

A lot of our stuff is “chicken oriented.”

Instead of your standard egg dying, in our family we did a modern Ukrainian egg decorating style using wax and phase dying. Of course! Maybe next year I will do a demo post.

Never too “matchy matchy”…

My mom is a fantastic cook. These are grass fed lamb chops (no mercy!) that were locally raised within 20 miles of my parents house!

Delish white chocolate cheese cake and some kind of strawberry dressing that has an unknown amount of liquor in it. Because that is how they roll.

Hope your Easter was full of incredible food and lots of fun!

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My Vintage Bookshelf.

Today, as I was re-arranging my house, as I do when I am bored, I broke the legs off my favorite thrifted book shelf! I fixed it, but I  had to take everything out and got a chance to look at it. This particular book shelf has a lot of vintage reference books as well as several journals I received as a Christmas present last year.

I took some pictures for you!

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