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Before my voice fails…

Well, my hair is growing out finally. I have lots and lots and lots of hair, and I usually give up at about this length and revert to a super short style, but I’ve been enjoying styling my longish layers.

I like to incorporate vintage details (honestly because the twists and curls are really the only pretty way to manage my hair). What do you think?


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Halloween. I’m sure many Etsians are going to be posting gorgeous home made decorations and cookies and adorable children. Sorry guys, that’s not my game.

This, this is my game. That’s right, I’ll probably be sitting on my porch handing out candy as a cat who is dressed like a shark.

So, eff your cookies.

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half the horizon’s gone…

I’ve been so busy. I have also had a weird week. This blog post is more like a mix tape to myself.

This is It by: The Wheat Field

Little Foxes by: Adornments NYC

Time Takes Time by:Faith and Franny

Leather Bracelet by: LeatherMix

I'm getting my act together by: RyaLee Vintage

Acid Wash by: 86 Vintage 86

White Sapphire by: DeafCat Studios


Have a good week!

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Am I really all the things outside of me?

Well today is my first day back to school. As a little kid, it was so important to pick out the best possible outfit for that all-important day. It was the way everyone would remember you forever!

First day of school. Ever.

You know what? I’m totally okay with this. I would wear this outfit right. fucking. now. Check out all that swag!

I’m taking a slightly less neon approach this year. And I’m awfully sad about it, in retrospect.

shirt: vintage, no tags (from antique fest)

jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt

sweater: Gap

bag: American Tourister

necklace: thrifted

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High Waisted Jorts!

I have been having a really great summer so far. Taking on a lot of new experiences, pushing my boundaries a little bit socially. And I’ve been having fun getting dressed.

I’m working a little scavenger hunt into my thrifting and garage-saleing this summer. It keeps “work” feeling a little more like “play.” My three Big Win Finds are

1) high waisted pants and or shorts

2) the elusive Perfect Pair of Jorts*

3) Sleeveless Tops (the more side boob, the better)

Today’s find are HIGH WAISTED JORTS.

I bought these last week. I have had an especially hard time finding high-waisted shorts that fit my thighs. I have slim legs and a lot of the leg openings are huuuuuge. This is problem is not so pronounced with these featured jorts because they hit at about mid-thigh and then I roll them up.

I love these because you can wear a super basic top with them. High waisted jorts are statement enough for me thanks!

What are your favorite summer thrift finds?


*I would like to call attention to a point of contention amongst my friends and fellow jorts enthusiasts. Some people believe that perfect jorts can not be BOUGHT but must be MADE, by cutting off cherished jeans. I myself believe in the power of the hemmed jort in addition to the power of the fray.

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Spring is here!

It is so nice here, it is in the 70’s (spit take!!) so I busted out some shorts.


Like I said, it was actually pretty warm today. I ended up taking the sweater off… I went up to register for school and the campus is very windy. It was perfection.

This belt is from the shop. It is too big for me, but I love the way it looks.

I got this great bag from my aunt. It is a wonderful hand embroidery on burlap. It will probably end up in the shop but right now I am really enjoying it.


Sweater: Target.

Blouse: MotherMidnight (back when they were brick and mortar!).

Shorts: ex-boyfriends pants, cut off. Oh yeah.

Belt: WanderingiVintage.

Shoes: Thrifted.

Bag: Family Heirloom.

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All Etsy Outfit Post/Robocop Commentary

Well, today is my 26th birthday. So far, I have taken a nap with my cats and eaten left over birthday cake from last night. I would say, an over-all triumph.

I haven’t posted an outfit post in a while because I haven’t been feeling particularly inspired lately. It is getting towards spring and I want to wear dresses instead of sweaters. I want to wear some of the shoes I’ve been collecting.

So I am taking a page out of miskabelle’s book and doing an all-Etsy window shopping outfit post.

Tahoe Wolf T-shirt by: pocketvintage1

Faux Snakeskin Belt by: Salvagelife

Cut-off Jean Shorts by: MotherMidnight

Leggings by: iheartnorwegianwood

Double Cuff Boots by: VerseauVintage

Locket by: jeanjeanvintage

I’m also watching Robocop for the first time right now and it is definitely a little brutal. But I totally want a 6000 SUX.

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Vintage Lunch Outfit Post

I got this great vest thinking, “someone is going to love this piece!” I have a friend Jenny who wears a vest and always looks great. I always wished I was a person who could “pull off” a vest.

I usually go to lunch with my boyfriend once a week, and for some reason (even though he tends to poke a little fun at me about it) I always tend to wear what I would consider semi-daring outfits. Something about showing up in what I see to be a totally knock out vintage outfit. I also tend to wear a little extra make up. (Lipstick? To lunch? There is something so romantic about it.)

vest: Wandering i Vintage

scarf: thrifted

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first outfit post

I got a lot of compliments on my outfit last night, but since Lief was not home I had to dress up the Loretta in the outfit and photograph her.

Scarf: Wandering I Vintage (coming soon to shop!)

Jacket: tagged “styled by Brentwood of California” blend of 90% wool and 10% imported cashmere, silk lining. 50’s-early 60’s. Coming soon to Wandering I shop!

Boots: Plato’s Closet

(I also added fingerless gloves with a ruffle on the wrist, very hobochic. You’re welcome.)

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