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a little preview…

I’ve got some exciting stuff in store for Wandering I in the next couple months.

For starters, I am going to be holding a sale in honor of my 26th year on earth. Feb 14-28 I will be offering 26% off everything in the shop. Just use coupon code SWEET26.

My aunt is moving out of the house she has lived in for over 40 years. She is sort of the keeper of artifacts of my father’s side of the family. Her husband died several years ago and she is moving from Tupper Lake to an apartment complex in Syracuse. That means she must reduce the amount of STUFF she has. Which means a lot of it is moving on to me. I’m so excited, because a lot of it is family history I have never had access to before. I have the suitcases my grandfather used, a fur cape embroidered with my grandmother’s name (which is also my name), and a great fur hat so far. Some of it is going in the shop, and some of it will stay with me.

I also have some great finds that will be added to the shop soon as well. Below is a little preview.


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