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Sweet Scores

well hello!

Another big week here at Wandering I. Colin busted out a surprise logo, which you can see above. It is still in progress a little but what do you think so far??

In other news, it is still snowing. Lief and I got pretty drunk the other night and took a sweet snow walk, that entailed a lot of karate moves that ended with us buried in snow banks.

A note on jeeps: Owning a jeep means never having to dig your car out, but doing it anyway out of respect.

On Wednesday, I drove out to Cazenovia, NY where this great vintage store called Yesterday Market and Boutique is going out of business. I actually know the couple that owns it, as I went to high school with their daughter. I went out to purchase a mannequin for the shop and got pretty caught up in the merchandise. They have been buying for years and have absolutely gorgeous stuff. They clearly have a passion for collecting but they haven’t been able to dedicate the time to keep the shop open (she is a teacher at the local high school).

I’m telling you all this because EVERYTHING in their store is at least half off. They are offering special discounts to other sellers that mention me and for bulk buys. They are also selling their fixtures, including several dress forms, mannequins and display cases.

If you are going out to visit them, call first. They have a lot of high-end pieces (including tons of designer stuff) but a lot of it is in storage and they will get specific stuff out for you if they have some warning.

Even if you are not a seller, but are a local vintage enthusiast, definitely try and make it out. Give them a call if you can’t make it for the posted hours, as they may be able to open for you with an appointment, which is what I had to do. Here are the deets:

Yesterday Market and Boutique
Nelson Corners on Rt. 20, Nelson NY
Big Closing Sale
50% off all inventory
open thru Dec. 26
Fri 10-5; Sat 10-6; Sun 12-5
Period Antiques, Oil Paintings/Prints
Vintage Designer Apparel and Accessories

Anyway, I purchased a mannequin. I also went to Books and Memories to find some stuff to donate to the Sushi Blues 4th Annual Bentley Memorial Auction that benefits the SPCA. I donated last year, but this year I’m donating as Wandering I Vintage.

I found two sets of cards. The first is a set of 3 Kitten Christmas Cards. The second is  a set of Vaguely Inappropriate Cards for All Occasions.

Alright. I am off to take a ton of pictures and hopefully get a few things listed today. Look for a bunch of new listings over the next few days. If you don’t see them, please assume I’ve died from exhaustion.


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