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Now we move to feel for ourselves inside some stranger’s stomach…

I have spent the last year more or less single, which has been really great for me but one of the things I really miss is cooking.

I mean, I’ve been cooking. I actually cook for myself a lot. But I’ll make the same thing over and over because I like it, and who cares. I make easy, quick stuff that uses only one pot and since I’ve been “getting fit,” it has focused on nutrition rather than deliciousness more often than not.

But today, I am cooking for others!

I couldn’t be more pleased. Because I am out of practice, I am using two tried and true recipes. I will post pictures and reviews of them tomorrow.

But here is what I made for lunch after I finished the dinner prep work:

Fucking Delish Lunch Salad

Here is the recipe:

avocado. slice it. cube it. (I used a “slimcado” whatever that is. Those big ones? From cali? I only used half because they are giant.)

some cherry tomatoes. I used the low acid kind because that was what was ripe from my garden.

some blueberries. a handful.

Feta cheese. Feta cheese is my favorite cheese. It is lower in fat and high in protein and a little salty. Put it on everything.

Lemon juice. I got some lemon wedges, squeezed them over the salad and then threw the wedges into some sparkling mineral water.

Yes, that’s sparkling mineral water. Since I’ve gotten sober, that and tea is all I drink at home. I get some European kind that they sell on the bottom shelf of the International section of Wegmans. Because I’m fancy.

Go forth, make delish lunch salads. Tell me about them.


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