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How to Live Beyond Your Means

How to Live Beyond Your Means

I found this wonderful and totally of-the-times self help book up at my camp in the Adirondacks. There is no shortage of obscure and strange antiques up there. I’m hoping to make a trip up there in the next couple weeks and I will be sure to photograph some of it for you. But, for now:

How to Live Beyond Your Means

Gorgeous Title Pages

How to Live Beyond Your Means, c. 1945 by Margery Wilson


  1. I Want More, Don’t You?
  2. Just Ask for It!
  3. More Friends
  4. More for Your Time and Postage When You Write
  5. More Fun Out of Life
  6. More Health for the Same Amount of Care
  7. More for Your Time and Effort at Home
  8. More Accomplished
  9. More for Your Reading Time
  10. More for Your Money when you Entertain
  11. More Happiness for the Love You Give
  12. As I Was Saying —

Word Suggestions for Letters

I have been watching Mad Men non stop since I found it on Netflix, and I find myself wishing for some of the civility and politeness.

All the advice is pretty straightforward, but some of it is really good! I’m enjoying reading through it. There are lots of step by step instructions on how to run a home, which are definitely words to live by. “Make your house a home and you will save a lot of money!”

I am in the process of “tightening the belt” before school starts. I have shaved down a lot of my spending, including shopping around for new car insurance, a different phone plan, switching to the streaming only netflix plan (first world problems!), cutting down my driving and eating out. Also, I am NOT allowed to go to Target. Somehow I can not get out of that place without spending $50-100.

Does anyone have any great ideas to save money?


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