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Halloween. I’m sure many Etsians are going to be posting gorgeous home made decorations and cookies and adorable children. Sorry guys, that’s not my game.

This, this is my game. That’s right, I’ll probably be sitting on my porch handing out candy as a cat who is dressed like a shark.

So, eff your cookies.


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Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

This past year has been difficult. But out of the ashes, and other cliches, it has become pretty clear what I can be thankful for.

I have three extraordinary cats… The top is Sir Edward Teller, named after Dr. Edward Teller, or “The Father of the Hydrogen Bomb” and Sir Edmund Hillary, a scientist who climbed a mountain. The two in the second picture are Bowie Bones and Casey Jones Bones, respectively. These three cats keep me grounded, semi-responsible and warm at night. They drive me crazy and tear up my newspapers and toilet paper and drink water out of the glasses I leave beside my bed.

I am also thankful for my domestic partner in crime Lief, below. He is hilarious and spontaneous and he picks me up when I get drunk and crash his bike. Thanks Lief! (He is also an ardent supporter of Wandering I Vintage although I suspect only to get some of this crap out of the house!)Although life has been trying, there are many things to be thankful for including the beginnings of a self-sufficient life and a crop of new creative, funny and wonderful friends.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, and stay out of any mall stampedes at 3am. Try and support your local businesses, or second hand shops that allow you to express your love and respect for your family and friends by saying something a little bit more than “I bought this mass-produced item in a shopping frenzy at 60% off…” Trying saying something like, “I saw this really cool vintage pressing of your favorite book and thought of you.”

Just sayin’



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