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Spring Cleaning: Home Office Edition

Wow. My living room post had the most hits EVER. I underestimated the power of voyeurism!

Anyway, I’ve been working on the whole house, organizing, moving, painting. I thought I would post a little bit more (and yes, my whole apartment has that terrible carpet in it. le sigh).

This room would be the dining room, I use it as my office. It has been organized many different ways but I am pretty happy with the way it is now. In order to fully appreciate it, you should imagine cats sleeping everywhere and NPR streaming on the iMac.

The desk, and Loretta

That clock is one of my favorite things...

Sneak peek at our yellow kitchen...

"Jesus Saves from Hell"

orchid pedastal

"Is Very Good Vodka"

I’m wondering what everyone else’s office looks like!

What do you like best about mine?



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New Living Room!

I have spent my last few days off fixing up my living room, and I’m pretty proud of it!

I painted the walls “fiddle head fern” green, re-arranged everything and finally got it together to hang stuff with purpose (rather than wherever there was a nail). Hope you like it!

The old leather suitcases were actually my great grandfather’s and have his initials on them. I am using them to house MOST of our VHS collection. The coffee table is something Lief made.

I wish we had a nicer couch, but this one is super comfortable and was free. I’m gonna keep my eye out for some nice white vintage curtains but I love the way the current ones filter the light, so maybe they’ll stay!

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