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Am I really all the things outside of me?

Well today is my first day back to school. As a little kid, it was so important to pick out the best possible outfit for that all-important day. It was the way everyone would remember you forever!

First day of school. Ever.

You know what? I’m totally okay with this. I would wear this outfit right. fucking. now. Check out all that swag!

I’m taking a slightly less neon approach this year. And I’m awfully sad about it, in retrospect.

shirt: vintage, no tags (from antique fest)

jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt

sweater: Gap

bag: American Tourister

necklace: thrifted


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New Living Room!

I have spent my last few days off fixing up my living room, and I’m pretty proud of it!

I painted the walls “fiddle head fern” green, re-arranged everything and finally got it together to hang stuff with purpose (rather than wherever there was a nail). Hope you like it!

The old leather suitcases were actually my great grandfather’s and have his initials on them. I am using them to house MOST of our VHS collection. The coffee table is something Lief made.

I wish we had a nicer couch, but this one is super comfortable and was free. I’m gonna keep my eye out for some nice white vintage curtains but I love the way the current ones filter the light, so maybe they’ll stay!

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